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About Us

XE Electronic Technology Co.,LTD We are professional in GPS Tracking security field. We specialize in the design,development, manufacture and sales of GPS Vehicle Tracker , GPS Motorcle Tracker ,GPS personal Tracker, Car security products (sub brand Tkstar Xetrace)... and provide one-stop logistics management solutions. Powered by strong design and development ability, production capacity and strict QC system, we are promptly supplying most update, hi-tech, high quality and price competitive products to mass customers...

We work with Gurtam, Orange ,My-GPS.org GPS gate , Traccar.org ... international tracking sevice company !

Powered by strong ability design and development, close relationship with rich supply channel and logistics channel, we can satisfy versatile, OEM, ODM, different price level and one-stop sourcing demand of our customers, and very importantly, we can satisfy versatile, small-volume order demand at most competitive price.

Our products strictly comply with international quality standard. We’ve got international quality approval, such as CE, FCC, ROHS, etc., the reliability and stability of the products are our most concern. We offer long-time warranty period to protect customer’s profit and maximize customer’s satisfaction.

Our technical support team and after-sale service team can provide prompt, complete and considerate technical service, information service and complaint disposal service.

Besides our in-house products, taking advantage of our location and armed by strong marketing information management system, we can provide prompt, complete, one-stop sourcing service according to our customer’s request.

Our business concept is ‘Technology Innovation, Quality base, Prompt Reaction, Customer Appreciation’, through constant improvement of technology innovation ability, manufacture capacity and resources integrating ability, we are constantly creating high value for our customers.